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To discover more about these water-loving primates, conservation biologist Amalia Rezeki recently spent a few weeks on Indonesian Borneo ‘s Bakut Island filming the animals and their behavior in mangrove forests. ( Read about swimming pigs and other surprising animals that love water .) “The main primate in the area that people think of are orangutans. We thought that a video about these monkeys’ swimming abilities would help bring some positive attention,” says Rezeki, who works with Sahabat Bekantan Indonesia , a nonprofit that works to protect proboscis monkeys, also called bekantan. Due to loss of their mangrove habitat and hunting, p roboscis monkeys are listed as endangered , with fewer than 7,000 animals left in the wild. Rezeki’s expedition discovered several monkeys on the island, suggesting the species is still hanging on. Natural Swimmers Proboscis monkeys likely took to the water because “its hard to live in a swamp without being able to swim, says Lee Harding , chief scientist at SciWrite Environmental Sciences and an expert in proboscis monkeys. The animals have to travel far and wide to find the young, tender leaves that make up the bulk of their dietand swimming gets the job done faster. Propelled by partially webbed fingers and toes, the monkeys can even swim underwateralthough no one knows exactly how long they can hold their breath, according to Liz Bennett , vice president of species conservation at the Wildlife Conservation Society in New York City. Monkey Business Harding, who wasn’t involved in the recent expedition, has long been fascinated by the species, which live in harems with one territorial male and around eight females.

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If you’ve moved around a lot, be prepared to offer a good reason for it. if you can send your resume indicating what field you want to go into. Your ability to hit all the right messages increases considerably if you can have a roadmap. Internships may fall into this category, or they may be paid. Think about which skills will make you more competent in the position you’re applying for. The surest way to obtain employment is to stop complaining about no work, get off the couch and go knock on doors with resume in hand. A company doesn’t want to hire someone with wanderlust who still wants to relocate. To trick people looking for honest work, scampers advertise where real employers and job placement firms do.

Hamilton’s ninth victory of the year and 52nd of his career lifted him one clear of four-time world champion Alain Prost. “Not too bad,” said the Briton Hamilton, with rich irony. “I was just chilling up front. When it rains, it is usually a good day for me.” “It didnat go my way today,” said Rosberg, who nevertheless still has one hand on the title. “Lewis did a great job. It was very difficult conditions, but I can live with second place.” In a three-hour race that featured two red-flag stoppages, five safety car interventions, major high-speed crashes and high emotions, Sergio Perez finished fourth for Force India ahead of an embittered Sebastian Vettel. The four-time champion was again left complaining that Verstappen had pushed him off the track in a late move as the Dutchman charged to the podium. Carlos Sainz came home sixth for Toro Rosso ahead of Nico Hulkenberg of Force India, Daniel Ricciardo of Red Bull, Felipe Nasr of Sauber and two-time champion Fernando Alonso. – Crashes in the rain – The race started behind the safety car and the field ran in grid order for seven laps before they began racing in earnest. Pole-sitter Hamilton took control while behind him Verstappen passed Kimi Raikkonen under braking into the spectacular Turn One, leading into the Senna “S” bend. On lap 10, Vettel spun off and recovered before pitting while, two laps later, Swede Marcus Ericsson crashed his Sauber, losing control at the start of the straight and leaving widespread debris on the track.

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job hunting

job hunting

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